Heavy rains lash many parts of Gujarat by AFP
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Hickeys on the neck
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Tbh money would solve all of my problems right now like I could move out and pay for school and take care of my mental health and overall I would just be happy and in a better place so I get really annoyed when people are like “money can’t make you happy” uh you obviously never experienced financial instability and dependence so please shut the fuck up you pretentious shit.


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So I went on my date last night, and she’s so so so nice. I can’t not talk about it. I’ve been waiting years to hold her hand and be cute. It feels so right.

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Ni Putes Ni Soumises (Neither Whores Nor Submissives): Green- Fight Violence Against Women
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don’t screenshot my text posts and send them to my friends thanks

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But fucking hell I never thought it would hurt this much."
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